Elizabeth Bathory

Portrait image of Elizabeth Bathory, known in history as the most horrendous female serial killer with a chilling lust for blood. 572 views

Elizabeth Báthory’s Barbaric Lust for Blood: History’s Most Heinous Female Serial Killer

Discover the chilling true story of Elizabeth Báthory, the inspiration for Dracula, a horrific female serial killer with an insatiable bloodlust. Learn about her sadism, cruelty, and ruthless murders that shocked the world. This is a disturbing tale of true evil and the depths of human depravity.…
August 18, 2023
The Terrifying Story Of Elizabeth Báthory, History's Most Heinous Female Serial Killer 751 views

“Blood Countess”: Elizabeth Bathory’s Bloody Reign of 1610

Bathory's Bloody Reign: The Story of the Blood Countess" delves into the fascinating tale of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a notorious figure in history. This article brings to life the chilling chronicles of Bathory's reign of terror, exploring her alleged sadistic practices and the shocking number of victims she…
March 22, 2023