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Magdalena Solis: Preaching Bloodshed as a Brutal Cult Leader in 1962

Discover the unsettling tale of Magdalena Solis, a brutal cult leader who seduced her followers into a world of bloodlust. Delve into the dark desires and perverse rituals that fueled her reign of sexual depravity. Brace yourself for a descent into the morbid and erotic underbelly of one of history's most enigmatic figures.
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Magdalena Solis The Brutal Cult Leader

Back in 1962, Santos and Cayetano Hernandez stumbled upon the minuscule Mexican village of Yerba Buena, nestled in a distant northeastern corner of the country. It was a forlorn place that suffered from extreme heat and isolation, with no electricity or phone connections to the outside world. With only around fifty inhabitants, all of them being impoverished, illiterate farmers, the ancient town was obscure and rarely found on traveler maps. For Santos and Cayetano, who were swindlers by trade, it seemed like an easy mark for swindling cash. They had their con game ready even before setting foot in this unsuspecting locale.

Magdalena Solis Preaching Bloodshed As A Brutal Cult Leader In 1962

How Two Con Artists Deceived an Entire Mexican Village in 1962

The Hernandez brothers spun a tale to the local inhabitants of Yerba Buena, painting themselves as more than just mere Mexicans, but instead were prophets from the ancient Incan gods who had been exiled. Their message was clear — the gods were set to return shortly to reclaim their dominance over Yerba Buena and punish “infidels” who refused to honour their divinity.

The townsfolk were informed that if they worshipped these gods and paid homage to the brothers, they would be granted access to the gold and other riches in caves located out of the town’s vicinity. Unfortunately, they were gullible, uneducated about local mythology, and extremely destitute, leading them to believe the tale without any hint of skepticism. As a result, they started handing over food and money to the brothers and pledged allegiance to their requests for rewards.

The Hernandez brothers’ scheme proved to be initially successful. The hypnotic beats of their drums accompanied by incoherent incantations mesmerized the locals, who obediently followed their every command. With the use of psychedelic substances and cave orgies, the brothers had complete control over the minds of their victims. However, as the promised riches never seemed to materialize, a few Yerba Buena inhabitants started to question the validity of the brothers’ claims.

Upon being confronted by a couple of men, Santos and Cayetano were unable to provide a satisfactory explanation. They realized a rebellion was imminent and they would be facing mutiny if they didn’t act promptly. As a result, they pondered whether expanding their operation and bringing in new players would help augment their original plan.

After their successful swindle in Yerba Buena, the Hernandez brothers transported themselves to the state capital and largest city of Nuevo León, Monterrey. They scoured the night streets and secondary roads, patiently waiting for their next mark. As if fate had guided them, they came across a prostitute by the name of Magdalena Solís, accompanied by her brother, Eleazar.

Magdalena Solis Preaching Bloodshed As A Brutal Cult Leader In 1962

A prostitutes fate: Magdalena Solís and her brother

To the Hernandez brothers, Magdalena initially appeared as just another charming face amongst the numerous downtrodden women inhabiting the city’s fringes. From a young age, poverty had restricted her opportunities, forcing her to sell herself at twelve years old. The brothel life had long since erased her once attractive features. The brothers saw in her an escape from the sex trade and proposed that she join them on their mission.

Little did they know that Magdalena was not the vulnerable woman they assumed her to be; years of exposure to darkness had hardened her character in ways beyond just physical appearance. Unbeknownst to them, the brothers had entangled themselves with a woman with far more complex taste than they could have ever imagined.

The Rise of the Hernandez Brothers’ Cult

Returning to Yerba Buena in the company of Magdalena and Eleazar, the Hernandez brothers initiated their next phase of deception. To the community’s utter astonishment, they introduced Magdalena as the reincarnation of Coatlicue, the Aztec mother of gods and goddesses who presided over the sun, moon, and stars. Eleazar also joined the cult as its third high priest.

The Hernandez brothers orchestrated an elaborate ritual to reinforce the impression of Magdalena’s otherworldly powers. A thick veil of smoke added to the spectacle, which culminated in Magdalena making her entrance into a sea of awed worshippers as if resurrected from death or summoned from another dimension. The exhibition was an undeniable success that managed to convince the villagers that they had the celestial being among them.

Magdalena Solís’ Mental Unraveling and the Start of a Deadly Ritual

However, what the brothers hadn’t anticipated was Magdalena’s mental instability regarding religion, which some have called “religious psychosis.” She began to perceive herself as someone superior to ordinary people, with exclusive abilities. For her, there were no rules to abide by; she could do anything she pleased. The unexpected twist that Magdalena introduced threatened to derail everything the Hernandez brothers had achieved up to that point.

Aztec mythology postulated that only blood could satisfy the hunger of their gods. By consuming it, they retained their eternal youth and vitality. Goddesses, in particular, required a regular fresh supply of this precious fluid to maintain their status.

The Hernandez Brothers’ Cult Takes a Dark Turn

Magdalena, now convinced of her divine nature, started exhibiting behaviors typical of an individual residing beyond human boundaries. She became fixated with blood and began to refer to herself as the “High Priestess of Blood.” Her abrupt transformation from a former prostitute to imitating a deity had taken a dangerous turn. The Hernandez brothers had unwittingly unleashed an unpredictable force that was now spiraling out of control.

The ceremonial theatrics that had initially entranced the villagers proved insufficient to quench Magdalena’s thirst for power and debauchery. Her personal history of sexual exploitation fueled her increasingly aberrant behaviours as she began to resemble a personification of violence that far outstripped the fraudulent activities of the Hernandez brothers. Her hunger for control knew no bounds as she usurped authority in Yerba Buena, ruling the Aztec cult with an iron fist.

Magdalena Solis: Preaching Bloodshed As A Brutal Cult Leader In 1962

Magdalena crushed all opposition to her dictatorial regime, summoning dissenters before the high priests whom she controlled and having them hanged. Violence wasn’t enough to satisfy her twisted cravings, though. The High Priestess of Blood continued to enforce unspeakable forms of sex, such as incest, fetishism, sadism, and pedophilia upon her hapless victims. It was evident that her maniacal desires were all-consuming, completely obliterating any vestige of sanity she might have possessed.

The Bloodthirsty High Priestess

Driven by an insatiable thirst for blood, Magdalena’s descent into depravity showed no signs of slowing down. When she identified another dissident, the High Priestess of Blood and her accomplices dragged him deep into a cave to sate her ravenous cravings.

How Magdalena Solís’ Desire for Power Led to Brutal Rule and Unimaginable Atrocities

For six long weeks in early 1963, she presided over the macabre butchering of at least four captives. During these grotesque rituals, Magdalena would extract the hearts of live victims, gulp their blood mixed with psychoactive substances from a chalice, and writhe over their dismembered remains. The Hernandez brothers, like everybody else in Yerba Buena, had learned not to challenge her megalomaniacal rule. Her reign of terror appeared unstoppable, with more and more townspeople being offered up as fodder to sate her bloodlust.

The number of casualties had indeed surged to a minimum of six by this point, although speculation suggests it might have been far higher. However, fate seemed to take notice of her atrocities, and soon after, everything changed.

Young Witness Discovers the Unthinkable

In May of that year, Magdalena and her fanatical supporters ventured into the caves once again to indulge in their bloodthirsty sacrificial rites. As they plunged deeper into the caves, unleashing their gruesome practices, a young local boy named Sebastian Guerrero stumbled upon their demented gathering.

Magdalena Solís’ Cult Caught Red-Handed Drinking Human Blood During Gruesome Sacrificial Rite

Drawn by the flickering lights and piercing screams from the depths of the cave, Sebastian stumbled upon Magdalena and her followers engaged in an abhorrent orgy while tearing out another victim’s heart. Unable to process what he was witnessing, he remained transfixed for a moment before turning around and running as fast as he could away from the scene. Fifteen miles later, he arrived in Villagrán, Tamaulipas, and reported the unspeakable horror he had witnessed.

Trembling and shrieking with hysterics, Sebastian recounted seeing “vampires” as well as “a group of murderers who prey on ecstasy and who were gluttonously drinking human blood” at the closest police department.

Despite his hysterical account, Sebastian’s testimony was widely dismissed as absurd by the skeptical police officers. Despite repeating his claims and insisting on the veracity of his story, his pleas went unanswered.

However, the officers couldn’t help but notice the teenager’s visibly shaken state. In an act of compassion, Luis Martinez offered to accompany the traumatized boy back to his home. Along the way, Sebastian insisted on showing Martinez the location where he had witnessed the cult’s bloody ritualism.

Acting on his curiosity, Martinez reluctantly followed Sebastian into the cave, hoping to better understand the nature of the situation. Unfortunately, neither the boy nor the officer would return alive from this foul blood-stained lair.

The Tragic Final Journey

Over the course of several days, the Villagrán police began to grow concerned about the absence of officer Luis Martinez. Given Sebastian’s testimony, which had previously been viewed as nothing more than mere hand-waving, they soon suspected that he may have met his untimely demise inside the suspicious caves. 

Magdalena Solis Preaching Bloodshed As A Brutal Cult Leader In 1962

Betrayal of a Traumatized Boy in the Heart of Magdalena Solís’ Cult

A search party was hastily organized, consisting of local officers, Mexican soldiers, and Inspector Abelardo Gomez. Upon reaching their destination, they were greeted by a terrifying sight- six mutilated corpses lying strewn across the cavern floor. The events unfolding before them made it clear that, in some way or another, Sebastian’s seemingly outlandish story was based in truth.

Following Sebastian’s narrative thread regarding the Hernandez brothers, the search party set off towards Yerba Buena, where they stumbled upon local villagers barricaded inside their homes amidst an armed standoff. Despite their efforts to subdue the situation peacefully, members of the cult were unwilling to surrender peacefully and violence soon broke out.

As gunfire rang out throughout the village, both the Hernandez brothers and numerous other town members lost their lives in the bloody confrontation. In a gruesome turn of events, another aspiring member of the High Priests, Jesus Rubio, would shoot Cayetano Hernandez dead in hopes of gaining entry into the ranks of this perverse bloodthirsty order.

Upon discovering a considerable marijuana stash, the police moved in to arrest Magdalena and her brother, Eleazar, along with nearly two dozen others who had survived the vicious gun battle. As their investigation continued, the bodies of Sebastian Guerrero and Luis Martinez were discovered, both having been brutally dismembered and left in an area close to where the Solís siblings had recently been apprehended.

Authorities Struggle to Gather Evidence as Magdalena Solís’ Followers Refuse to Testify

Desperate for information on the Hernandez brothers and the Solises, the authorities offered the suspects involved a plea deal. Despite assurances of leniency being granted to those who cooperated, no leads were forthcoming as members of the Yerba Buena community seemed hesitant to testify against their former slave master and her brother.


While Magdalena’s release date was originally scheduled for 2013, her current whereabouts remain unknown. She remains one of the few established cases of a female cult leader with motivations rooted firmly in sexual deviance, classified under the psychological diagnosis of paraphilia- a disorder often associated with serial killers.

Speculation abounds as to the whereabouts of Magdalena, the convicted cult leader, who was sentenced to fifty years in prison for her involvement in six grizzly murders. While some theories suggest that she may have passed away during her incarceration or received additional sentences for poor behaviour, possibly still remaining in a Mexican correctional facility, others presume that she may have been released into obscurity years ago.

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