Richard Chase, Notorious Vampire Of Sacramento
Unveiling the chilling tale of Richard Chase - The Infamous Vampire of Sacramento: Learn the untold story behind one of America's most notorious killers. Explore the horrifying legacy left behind by this real-life Dracula, stirring curiosity and fear in a captivating journey through the dark side of humanity. Dive deep into the mind of Richard Chase, the Vampire of Sacramento, in this spine-tingling true crime account. #RichardChase #VampireofSacramento #TrueCrime

Terrifying Bloodcurdling Rampage: Richard Chase, the Notorious 1970’s Killer

Delve into the dark and terrifying world of Richard Chase, a relentless serial killer whose gruesome deeds sent shivers down the spines of 1970s America. Discover the horrifying story of Richard Chase, a disturbed man whose insatiable bloodlust drove him to commit ghastly acts that shocked an entire nation. Chase's rampage as he embarked on a relentless killing spree, taking the lives of innocent victims in a frenzy of violence and madness.
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In the late 1970s, the city of Sacramento was terrorized by a bloodthirsty serial killer who gained notoriety for his gruesome murders and bizarre behaviour. This killer, known as the Vampire of Sacramento, was responsible for the deaths of six people between 1977 and 1978. Richard Chase, the man behind these senseless killings, remains one of the most disturbing figures in the history of serial killers. In this article, we will take a closer look at the life of Richard Chase, his reign of terror, and his legacy of evil that continues to haunt the community to this day.

Terrifying Bloodcurdling Rampage: Richard Chase, The Notorious 1970'S Killer


The Vampire of Sacramento, also known as the Dracula Killer due to his fascination with blood, began his killing spree in December 1977. He would break into people’s homes, often choosing houses with unlocked doors, and kill his victims in the most gruesome ways possible. His victims were not limited to any particular age group, gender or race. Anyone was fair game to him.

The impact of Chase’s crimes on the Sacramento community was profound. People began to fear for their safety, and rumours started circulating about a vampire-like killer stalking the city. The police were under tremendous pressure to catch the perpetrator, and the media coverage of the case was intense. It wasn’t until January 1978 when Chase was finally caught, thanks to a tip from a local woman who reported seeing a man covered in blood leaving an apartment complex.


Richard Chase was born on May 23, 1950, in Santa Clara, California. From a young age, he exhibited signs of mental illness and was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his early twenties. However, his illness was not well-managed, and he often refused his medication, leading to psychotic episodes. Chase also had an obsession with blood, which manifested itself in bizarre ways. He often believed that his blood was turning to powder and that he needed to ingest the blood of others to stay alive. He would also catch and kill small animals, often drinking their blood and eating their organs.

Terrifying Bloodcurdling Rampage: Richard Chase, The Notorious 1970'S Killer


The murders committed by Richard Chase were some of the most savage and gruesome in the history of serial killers. He would break into people’s homes and kill them in the most violent ways imaginable. He would shoot them, stab them, and bludgeon them to death. In some cases, he would kill entire families, including young children. Chase’s obsession with blood was also evident in his crimes. He would often mutilate his victims’ bodies, draining their blood and drinking it. He would also take their organs, including their brains, and eat them raw.


Richard Chase was apprehended on January 27, 1978, following a tip provided by a local woman who witnessed Chase exiting an apartment complex covered in blood. Upon arrival at the scene, law enforcement discovered that Chase had brutally murdered two individuals within the apartment and had engaged in the disturbing act of consuming their blood. Subsequently, Chase faced six charges of murder and underwent trial proceedings in 1979.

During his trial, his defence team argued that he should be deemed not guilty by reason of insanity due to his extensive history of mental illness. Regrettably for Chase, the jury dismissed this defense and instead found him guilty on all six counts of murder. Consequently, on May 8, 1980, he received a death sentence via execution through gas chamber.


Richard Chase’s legacy still lingers in the Sacramento community. The savagery of his crimes, coupled with his peculiar behaviour and blood obsession, has made a lasting impact on those who recall the case. The Vampire of Sacramento was not merely a killer; he was a monstrous predator who targeted innocent individuals, leaving a path of death and devastation in his wake. Chase’s legacy reminds us of evil’s existence and the need for vigilance in safeguarding our communities. 

Overall, Richard Chase’s legacy stands as a stark testament to the depths humanity is capable of sinking into. By confronting this disturbing past, we are reminded not only of our capacity for evil but also our responsibility to protect one another from its grasp.

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